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Mariana. 18. Brazil. Personal/Multi-fandom blog. Sam Girl. J2. I hate destiel and cockles and you'll find hate here and I don't tag them, sorry. Twilight Saga is my happy place. Supernatural ruined my life. I cry a lot because of Wincest and Sam Winchester's hair in season 1. Talk to me about Jared Padalecki, movies, music, brother-fucking and let's be friends!
PS.:If you hate Sam Winchester then i hate you.

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Meg's unicorn.


I’m thankful for all the different ways I can eat potatoes

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One day you’re going to be watching a TV Show/Movie about two codependent characters and a snarky character is introduced so you know they’re going to say something like ‘Bonnie to your Clyde’ or ‘Mickey to your Mallory’ but instead they’re going to say 'Sam to your Dean'


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12/100 - 100 Pictures from Filming Supernatural

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a plus-side to being my friend is that you can come to my house in your pajamas and i will not judge you because i will also be in my pajamas

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remember when wincest became canon for one episode


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