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Mariana. 18. Brazil. Personal/Multi-fandom blog. Sam Girl. J2. I hate destiel and cockles and you'll find hate here and I don't tag them, sorry. Twilight Saga is my happy place. Supernatural ruined my life. I cry a lot because of Wincest and Sam Winchester's hair in season 1. Talk to me about Jared Padalecki, movies, music, brother-fucking and let's be friends!
PS.:If you hate Sam Winchester then i hate you.

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Meg's unicorn.

Sam + Smiling/Smirking

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perfect timing is perfect

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so. I visited my cousin’s apartment today

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Our relationship couldn’t continue to balance, as it did, on the point of a knife. We would fall off one edge or the other, depending entirely upon his decision, or his instincts. My decision was made, made before I’d ever consciously chosen, and I was committed to seeing it through. Because there was nothing more terrifying to me, more excruciating, than the thought of turning away from him. It was an impossibility.

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